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Saturday, May 23, 2009

No lagomorphs hurt this month

Which means zero excuses for a 60km June.

I'm starting this afternoon with an outdoor run as soon as my husband gets home from some errands (I'm currently listening to our kid chat to his toys in his crib).

This past week sucked. I got to Curves once and played baseball, but work was very busy and I felt like crap (hoped it was early pregnancy, not pre-menstruation) and then had to go to a visitation and funeral of a 2 year old Thursday/Friday.

This week looks like this:

Sat: 5k run
Sun: 5k run (or plus)
Monday: Curves, baseball 9pm
Tuesday: Baseball 7pm
Wednesday: Curves, 5k run
Thursday: Curves
Friday: 5k run (or plus)
Sat: All you can eat Red Sox @ Blue Jays

Perhaps listing it all will help me to get it done!

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