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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Week of May 11

Well, after all of the running love I experienced last week, I did NOTHING about it this week! Whoops. In fact, my entire week was complete CRAP in terms of exercise, but with good excuse (I should hope).

Monday: Work, no time during work for Curves, after work in the evening I spent time with my family because
Tues-Wed: Conference in Niagara-on-the-Lake. This was a great conference and we got to stay at the Queen’s Landing hotel and enjoy a tasting and dinner at Inniskillin. I was VERY good and did NOT get drunk. I managed to make it back to my room in time for the Biggest Loser winner reveal (I do wish Tara had won, but I guess they all win in the end).
Thursday: A day to remember for sure! I went to Toronto Blue Jay Fantasy camp courtesy of the Toronto Star. I did get loads of exercise in this day (must have circled the Dome three times, plus ran from the home bench to RF seven times). This day was AMAZING! We got an entire uniform, a bag, a day with coaching staff, and we got to play a game on the field! I went 1-2 on a fielder’s choice and stole second (the only steal attempt all day!). Our team won 10-7, then Adam Lind, Brett Cecil and Kevin Millar came out to present MVP’s to each team (dude who hit a grand slam from our team won) and sign a baseball for each of us. After that, I hung out and watched Halladay work out his arm (he didn’t pitch that night) and marveled at his pure athleticism. We showered up and went for drinks at the Hard Rock prior to dinner at Sightlines followed by the game (Yankees) in a private box. Again, I did NOT get drunk (I was driving), but I had such a great time, despite the 3-2 loss.
Friday: No way in hell was I able to do anything with my super sore legs and torso from the day before.
Saturday: My in-laws came, so I wasn’t about to be rude and take off on them for 45 minutes.

And so that was the week that was. I’m back on track this week and have a three run plus three curves visit strategy planned. Let’s hope this time, I stick to it!

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  1. Sometimes life just gets in the way - hope you can get out there again this week.

    That fantasy camp sounds AMAZING! I would love to try that some day.


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