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Monday, May 11, 2009

Update, race report and more!

Oh yes. I know it has been a lot time since I posted. Basically, life got in the way: Easter, followed by the world's worst cold (which the doctor thought might have been mono, but wasn't), then my hubs and his broken hand which meant that I had to double my chore duties (bathing the kid, washing the dishes, sweeping - I tell ya, I can't WAIT for that maid to show up one day! ;)). Anyway, my 'training' as it was, got sidetracked as well. While I did manage a few more treadmill runs and a few more outside, I didn't even get close to my winter average of three runs per week. Curves also feel by the wayside, but my weight didn't suffer (who knew?). Net net, I am doing okay and enjoyed my first race on Saturday.

As I mentioned in my last post, I raced my first 5k on Saturday as part of the Mississauga Marathon series! I am so happy with the way it all worked out and am hooked! I'm looking to sign up for another 5k in late June sometime (any suggestions?), then the T.O. Women's 5K - hello firefighters! Then by the end of the summer my goal is to find a 10k and run it. This is all dependant on whether or not my efforts to kill a rabbit are successful. I've had conflicting advice if I can continue to run/train if I'm pregnant.

On Saturday, my chip time was 31:02 for the 5k and my friend ran it in 30:55 so we really were at the same pace. We didn't run together much as she got totally caught up in the start (we were very early and thus right at the start) and lost her pace early on. We caught up again just at 2.5k and ran for a bit together. After I told her, "just run on without me if you want, I don't want to hold you back" I ended up taking off on her! (uh she was like a few paces behind me!). I heard from other people who ran the 5 or 10k that night that the wind was bad, but I didn't feel it at all! I was exhilarated the whole time and running with a group helped me in a major way. I did snort water up my nose when I took some at the 2k mark, but I figure that's a rookie mistake that I'm allowed. I ran with my iPod which really helped me to pace and I only ended up walking twice (my strategy was 10 and 1s, but I guess adrenaline is a good thing). My friend's husband finished the 5k in 19:23, coming in second in his age group despite NO training!!! I hope we all continue to run together, it could be really special to watch him run some longer distances in future!

Beyond my own race, which I'm quite pleased with, I had the chance to go down to the finish line at the Mississauga Marathon to watch my cousin finish her first ever marathon in 4:02:31 and her friend finish his first ever marathon in 3:09:29 (and qualify for Boston)! The atmosphere was amazing at the finish line and the shear determination of the athletes from the half and full as they crossed the finish line was enough to get this sports fan wanting more! I can't wait to see what my running future brings!

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  1. Congratulations! I remember my first race - I couldn't get over the energy & excitement. Totally addicting! Glad to see you have a few more races on your radar already.

    The Toronto Zoo 10K in October is fun or there's a 10K in Oakville on Labour Day weekend.


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