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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Do I or Don't I?

Run the 5k race on Sunday? The reason I’m debating at all is because we are having friends over for dinner on Saturday night and I know the evening will go late. I can handle limiting my booze consumption, but with this group of friends, we usually sit around playing Catch Phrase for a few hours and it leads to a pretty late (and awesomely fun) night!

Either way, I’ll be running 5k on Sunday… it’ll just be where and with what goal. I’ve joined a new chat board and within 30 or so posts, have enticed a few women to come out on Sunday mornings at 8am for 5k runs! Last weekend only one lady showed up (Hi Karen!), but we had a nice leisurely run with lots of walking (admittedly, she’s just getting back into running at 3.5 months postpartum while I’ve been pretty steady at it since January). So, either I pay $40 and try to at least match my unbelievable 5k time of 31:02 on Sunday or I join some lovely ladies and explore my lovely town a bit more. Either way, there will be limited boozing on Saturday which may or may not lead to me PBing in Catch Phrase (har)!

GAH! What to do?

Plan for the week:
Monday: Off (TweetUp instead)
Tuesday: Curves, Baseball
Wednesday: Curves, Run 6-7k
Thursday: Curves or run (depends on Sunday)
Friday: Run or Curves (depends on Sunday)
Saturday: Run or off (depends on Sunday)
Sunday: 5k

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  1. I say got for it, but I'm a race addict.

    Awesome that you've started your own little Sunday morning run club! Running with company is so much more fun!


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