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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's almost like a trend

Yet again, a week after a race and I've yet to get back to the road or treadmill. Monday saw me hit CURVES at lunch and then play baseball at 9pm - no time for running in there. Tuesday, I ended up with tickets to the Dave Matthew's Band concert in Toronto and it was AWESOME! My plan was to get out for a city run right after work, but my husband ended up downtown about an hour early and that put the kibosh on that plan. Today... we'll let's just say that I had a few (or four) tallboys last night courtesy of the sales rep who was entertaining in the box I was in and that, combined with five hours of sleep meant no exercise today.

Tomorrow the plan is to hit CURVES (am going out with friends post work) and Friday I have off as we are camping. If the kid naps, I will put at least 7k on the treadmill. If I'm up for it, I will run at the campsite.

Sigh. I'm trying to get a minimum of 15k in a week (a teeny, tiny number compared to all of the other running blogs I follow), but it seems that life works against me and often.

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  1. It can be so tough to fit it all in. Sounds like you're doing great, though! Hope you can fit in a couple good runs over the next few days.


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