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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The one where life gets in the way

I set up the treadmill at 8:30 tonight to run just over 7km in an effort to gain more miles and work my way up to a 10k race sometime at the end of the summer. This was my first time back to any kind of running since the Bread and Honey 5k because last week just left so little time for running.

I couldn't get on the treadmill until that time for two reasons: 1)the kid is not going to bed as easily as he once did at 8pm, so we are allowing him to stay up until 8:30 and 2)the husband was out shopping.

With 1.8km to go, the husband came down to the basement and asked if I was almost done. I let him know that I'd be at least 10-15 mins (I had a horrid/tiring run tonight) and he gave me puppy dog eyes. He had said he'd head over to a buddy's house for a beer, so I cooled down, ran the time to 45 minutes and completed 6.1km. Not bad, not what I wanted to do either.

I have found a race that I will be doing for sure next year. The GTAA Runway Race . How cool would it be to run 5k down the runways at Pearson while fighter jets and commercial airlines are buzzing overhead? Having grown up at the edge of the airport and having spent a year there working in Customs, I must do this race next year!

Plan for the week:
Monday: Curves, Baseball (we won!)
Tuesday: 6.1km - treadmill
Wednesday: Curves
Thursday: 7km - outside!
Friday: Curves/Treadmill (I'm booked in solid meetings on Friday so I may not get Curves in)
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 5km run with my ladies running group


  1. good job fitting in the run. Sometimes its not easy. Dont know how you can stand the treadmill tho.
    Will be posting a race report on the Airport run in the next day or 2

  2. I definitely have the runway run on my radar also!


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