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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A first ... and a last

It has been an exciting running week in this house (GAH! can anyone else hear Bob Harper?) and it is only Wednesday!

On Sunday morning, I went and ran my first winter run ever!.

It was great! Thanks to some great winter running presents from my husband for Christmas (tights and socks) and the Resolution Run coat, I was armed for the weather (-12c, -22c with the wind-chill) and was able to cover 7k in my neighbourhood in 44 minutes.

I'm so stoked to have found a great route (really, just a big 'round the block loop that I did 3 times) and to have gotten that first out of the way. Next week, the Running Room program starts and I know that we will be outside no matter what!

The last is a whole lot more sad.

My treadmill is officially dead. Beyond repair (it would cost way more than its worth). This means that I can no longer get in any daytime runs as I do not belong to a gym (yet?). I'm not going to worry about it too much in the short term, but will get something figured out soon so that I can make up the other two runs as suggested by the half-marathon training program.

Whee! I'm looking forward to beginning the training next week!

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