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Monday, January 10, 2011

Race plans 2011


I have plans.

Official, BIG plans.

2011 has become the year of the half marathon.

After further discussion with my husband about what it means for me to join the Running Room's half marathon training clinic (out two consecutive nights a week and Sunday mornings which leaves him with bed-time duty and crazy morning duty) and rationalizing the need of the baby to nurse to sleep (Perhaps being bottle fed at bed time more often will lead to less wake ups?), I've decided to join the program and run the Half Marathon at Mississauga on May 15th!

Officially, I need to call/go out to the store and join. Then I need to register. However I feel like the decision has been made and that is the most important step.

To be honest. I'm afraid.

I'm very afraid I won't be able to keep up with the training.

I'm NOT afraid of the race.


I know that once I start the race, I'll finish.

I know that getting to the finish means training.

But I'm afraid of the training.

Strange? Maybe.

Other race plans for 2011 are hazy as this is the BIG one.

Right now, I want to do the Bread and Honey 5k again (with my mat leave friend, Jenn), the Zoo 10k and maybe another half in the fall (Oakville? Hamilton? Niagara?). Perhaps I'll do a few women's only runs as well.

Who knows? The main event happens in 18 weeks.

18 weeks.

Hol-lee Mol-lee.

Update: Sign up for training program completed.

Update #2: I've signed up for the RACE.



  1. Good for you! Best of luck with the training. I'll be following along. :)

  2. a half-marathon? wow! that's impressive. you'll do great. :)

  3. Gonna be a great year for you! Awesome!


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