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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Clinic commences

It started this week, on Tuesday!

After an early dinner and frantic search for the appropriate ounces of frozen milk for the baby, I arrived at the store in plenty of time to discover that I'm one of few people taking the half marathon clinic for the first time. This became more and more apparent as people showed up and hugged each other.

Finally, at 6:30, we got our welcome from the store manager and our clinic coach, Bing took over for the lesson. The lesson was basically his approach to training and how he was going to convert our "fast-twitch" muscles to "slow-twitch" muscles so that we can run our best half marathon. He spoke about the different paces we'll train at and that the first four weeks would be easy weeks.

And we were off! 2.9k around the neighbourhood. I was at the tail end of the 35+ person pack, but I didn't expect anything else. I was able to run the entire distance and I didn't need my water at all. Bing spoke to everyone briefly to ensure they were running at an easy pace (one where you can maintain a conversation) and 19 minutes after I started, I was back at the store.

Wednesday was the open group run and our group only did 3k again. We ran a different route and I decided not to carry any water which was great! I was dressed a bit too warmly on top, but that didn't make things too bad. The plus was that I tied my pants tight enough so that they didn't fall down! HA! This run took me 22:45 and I was at the end again.

Today, I ran 3.7k at the gym. Yes, I re-joined Goodlife fitness, taking over my husband's AMAZING rate so that I have access to a treadmill during the day. The bonus is that they have child minding, so I can bring the baby and get the run in without disrupting my family life any further.

Saturday brings another 3k and Sunday's group run will be 7k.

I'm really glad I joined the clinic and fully expect that I will surprise myself on May 15.


  1. Welcome and congrats for joining GoodLife!

    Good luck with your half marathon training - we look forward to keeping up with your progress.

    We just invited a fellow member (Vicky Weiss) to blog for us. She too is balancing motherhood & running. Here's her latest article - hope you enjoy...


  2. Wow, Goodlife was quick to comment... :P

    Glad you are liking the clinic so far! It's awesome to train with a group, especially in the winter!!


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