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Thursday, January 13, 2011


On the days that I don't run, but am suppose to, I always tell myself that I ran out of time.

The truth is, I just got lazy.

Yesterday, I made a change to this behaviour.

In an attempt to get ready for the Running Room's Half Marathon clinic that starts on January 25th, I'm trying to run at least 15-20k a week in 3-4 runs. I had run on Monday for 30 minutes while the baby napped (4k) and was thus "scheduled" to run again yesterday (Wednesday). Wednesday turned out to be a busy day: Mum's lunch-playdate from 11-2:30, pick up son #1 at 3:00, go out to dinner with the girls at 7:00. I had no idea when my husband would be home (he can get home as late at 5:30) and I had to feed the kids (eek - the baby has started cereal!) and bath at least one of them (my husband and I divide and conquer here).

My husband actually came home right after son #1 got off the bus and they stayed outside to play/shovel and the baby was asleep in his car seat. This was my chance! As soon as they came in (and I made them hot chocolate), I fired up the treadmill for 5k. So, I MADE the time to get the run in. Of course, it helped that my husband was home early, but I didn't use any excuses - I just got the run in!

With 0.2 miles to go, my treadmill began to chug... chug... chug... The belt is dying and I know that once it does, I'll have to get outside (AHHH!) or find a new-to-me treadmill. I'm just hoping and praying that it'll hold out until Jan 25 for multiple runs/week (I'm planning on running outside in the day on Saturday's) and then for one run/week until the spring. Please send good thoughts to the treadmill gods.

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