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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

June Recap!

I totally missed recapping May! Oh well. In May I ran the marathon and then pretty much just ran however I wanted to. The end.

On to June!

# of runs: 18 (I missed a few due to work/life)

Longest run: 23k This was just a LSD run this past Friday. It was a nice day and a nice run!

Races: 1! The month started off right, with a sweet 5k PB at the Bread & Honey 5k Race (24:37)

Total KM: 180.72 – Not my largest distance, but pretty good as I started a training plan this month and missed  two 10k runs due to work/lfe

Total time spent running: 18h08m39s

Average pace per KM: 0:06:01

It was a good June. I was happy to get back to a training plan and did have some moments of panic when I didn't hit every single run I had planned or every speed session, but now that I'm four weeks in, I'm realizing that I will be able to hit my goals if I just stick with what I've been doing. Four solid days of training per week is better than not having a plan at all. My speed and endurance is improving. I'm getting better at my cross-training for my core. I'm a bit worried about my lack of hills, but I'll deal with that come race time. I am still toying with a fall marathon or another fall half marathon, but I want to see what my running friends are doing (and what my husband thinks) before I commit to anything. For July, I'm going to keep this positive attitude as I ramp up the higher mileage (alone, gulp) toward the 30k race.

How was your June?


  1. Wooooohooo!! Sounds like a successful month! Congrats & keep it up!

  2. I totally LOVE your May recap!

    And June looks pretty darn good, too. I hope you have a really fun July!

  3. I think once you realize it's ok to miss a run here and there, the whole thing becomes more manageable and less stressful. I think it's also beneficial too, to miss the odd run here and there! You are having a great season so far.

  4. June looks like it was a really good month, even with missing a couple of runs! Sometimes life gets in the way, you've just got to roll with the punches. :o)


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