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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

MidSummer Night's 30k Training weeks 3 & 4

Another two weeks in the books toward my next race!

Week 3:

Monday: Tempo on the treadmill. 10 minutes warm up, 20 minutes at 5:06/km pace and the rest to round out the 8k. 44:34

Monday and Tuesday night I had baseball.

Wednesday, I invited some girlfriends over to hang out in my back yard with some drinks and snacks.

Thursday: I just did a loop around my neighbourhood to ensure that my legs were a bit tired before my long run in the morning. This is a trick that my marathon clinic leader, Chris said was key. I had great success in my marathon following this plan, so I'm sticking with it! 6k, 34:57

Friday: Work from home, so I was out at 6:15am for my LSD. It was a perfectly beautiful morning and a wonderful route. I'm still amazed how short 10k and 12k seem now. 20.3k, 2:04:06

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Track work! I ran over to the highschool and then hit the track for 6x400s with a 200m jog in between. McMillan says I should try to hit 4:18/km pace. I ran 4:19-4:07-4:19-4:15-4:21-4:19. I'm happy with that. 10k, 59:08

Total KM: 44.3, Total time: 4:22:45 Average Pace per KM: 0:05:56

Week 4:

Monday: Tempo run. It was a windy run and I started with the wind in my face. I was also tired and my legs were sore. I ran 12 minutes warm up, 11 minutes at 5:08/km (target 5:06), 1 minute walk/recovery and 10 minutes at 4:58/km (wind at my back!). I realized I much prefer the treadmill for tempo runs. 8k, 45:22

Tuesday: My son and I had to visit the dentist for our checkup which meant I didn't have to commute in the morning so I took advantage by running an easy 10k through town. I played baseball later that night. 10k, 1:01:35 

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: A workday easy treadmill run. 6.44k, 40:08

Friday: Work from home morning LSD. Out again at 6:12am. I was running easy, altering my route slightly just to keep things interesting. I got to about 10k in and decided to take some chomps and had to stop for a bit to get the darn things opened. Somehow I turned off my watch and it wasn't tracking me for about 1km. I kept running until I hit 22k per the plan and looked up what I had missed when I got home. I've estimated 23k, 2:24:00

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Canada Day! We were headed to my best friend's place for the afternoon/evening and sleeping over, so I skipped track work and just ran a nice and easy 6.5k. I'm glad because my knee was bothering me a bit on Saturday, so I don't want to cause problems. 6.5k, 39:19

Total KM: 53.94, Total Time: 5:30:24, Average Pace per KM: 0:06:08

A great two weeks of training. 7 weeks to go!


  1. I like that idea before a long run...I know a runner friend of mine said it was good to get used to running on tired legs. She's a great athlete so I am going to follow her.
    Great training!

  2. Running long on tired legs? Sounds crazy to me but I'll give it a whirl on your say so. :o)


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