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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday!

I know, I have been absent from the blogosphere as of late because work has been soooooooo busy and we went camping last weekend! YAY! I'm back today with one of my favorite posts to write:

 The day started at 0720 at my desk with a nice breakfast of coffee, cantaloupe and homemade pumpkin and chocolate chip loaf. YUM!

 This is how bad and busy things are. Lunch was a crunchy peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread.

 My yogurt was over a week past its date, so I treated myself to this peach froyo instead!

 Crazy, busy Tuesday night dinner due to 7pm fast-pitch. White pasta with bottled marinara and fresh parm.

 On my drive to baseball, I took a popsicle (and a moment to tease poor Fergus - who had just eaten a popsicle!)

 FITNESS! We won 14-7!

Post baseball - cool ranch Doritos.

And that is my day in meals and fitness for Tuesday, July 17th! We have a rare weekend at home this weekend and my in-laws are visiting. I'm planning to hit up the farmers market and get some Ontario peaches which are ready! YUM!

I'm still running - hitting 4 days a week with one long run. I will have to update about that soon as well.

I hope you're enjoying your summer and if you're in the east, dealing okay with the HEAT!


  1. hahaha Fergus is so cute!!! That fro-yo looks tasty :D

  2. Lol what an adorable pic :)

    Heck yeah, great job on the win!

  3. These eats look great! That's better than my usual :) although now I'm eating more like 80/20 healthy/bad :) I splurged on 2 pieces of greasy pizza yesterday! YUM!


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