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Friday, December 28, 2012

Hug your loved ones

Nothing about running or food in this post.

Just a simple reminder to hug your loved ones close and cherish the time you have with them. Remember that it can be short.

A friend of mine had her five year old, healthy girl go to bed on Christmas night, never to wake again.

God Bless Olivia, my she find comfort and peace with Jesus.

Please send a thought or prayer for my friend Jennifer, her husband Glenn and their one-year old daughter Aurelia as they find their way through this difficult time.


  1. :( That's so sad, Nicole. Your poor friends. I can't even imagine what they are going through. God bless Olivia.

  2. So very sorry to read this. My thoughts are with them.

  3. how awful. sending healing thoughts to them.

  4. OMG so incredibly sad, thoughts and prayers to her family!

  5. heartbreaking. so sorry to hear this! prayers to the family.


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