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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday

This week's post details the food I ate on Sunday, which as also Long Slow Distance run day (17.5k, 1:42:34).
I ate two pieces of toast with peanut butter pre run. I actually was at my parents house with my kids overnight SAturday and all of Sunday as Ken was away and we had an open house for our own place (which is still for sale... if you're interested!)

These photos are from my new phone! The Samsung Galaxy SIII
Post Run Goodness!

 Alasdair and I went and saw "Rise of the Guardians" It was really good!

When I got back to my parents house, Fergus treated dad and I to some libations

Roast chicken dinner from mum!

And dessert!

I hope you had a great day of eats as well!


  1. awww he's so cute with that coors light!!

  2. Yummy! Love the pic of your little cutie.

  3. I love your "What I ate" posts. Your food always looks good.

    1. Angela, you should follow the logo to the blog that hosts this... that is AMAZING looking food


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