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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mississauga Marathon Training Week 6!

Another week blew by. It was a lower mileage week because I missed a run due to the dumping of snow we got on Thursday/Friday.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: treadmill tempo. I was up again at the crack of all hours unholy 0500 so that I could get my run in without worrying about trying to get it done after work. We had our lawyer come over so that we could sign the rest of the paper work on our house that night, so this was the only time that I could run. 6.44, 35:14

Wednesday: Run club night at the Running Room. I headed out and asked Wayne if he wanted to run tempo with me. He was game so we ran 2k warm up, 2k tempo (5:03, 4:54), 1k easy (where I noticed Gerald's 12 year old son had decided to run with us. He was barely breathing. Meh. Youth), 2k tempo (5:00, 5:04) and the rest easy back to the store. 10.5, 1:00:03

Thursday: Was a crazy day. We were supposed to close on the house on Thursday. On Wednesday we got a call and were told that the seller didn't have paperwork ready and needed another week. Fine by us, our house doesn't sell until April. On Wednesday I had to call all of the utlitiy companies etc again to change the date to the new closing date. Then at 4pm, I got a call that the seller was now ready to close. That day. W. T. F. After some very bad words to my real estate agent (who was totally on my side), and advice from our lawyer, we decided to close the house on Monday the 11th. By the time I got home I was livid and the snow storm looked like it was getting worst. The last thing I wanted to do was rush around to get back to Meadowvale to run 8k. So, there was this instead:

Friday: Schools were closed, but I work remotely Friday anyway. Remote working was difficult as so many people were doing it that the system kept crashing. My excellent friend Jenn (who is a teacher), picked up Alasdair (Fergus still went to preschool as Ken went to work) and took him sledding and to McDonalds so that I could deal with the 4 conference calls I had that day. I spent an hour at noon shoveling. The night ended with this:

And this

Saturday: The roads were still a mess and they didn't even plow our street until 2pm. Alasdair had a birthday party in the afternoon and I had arranged to sell some cloth diapers so was meeting the buyer at 3:30pm. Ken worked out a plan which allowed me to run my 6k at the gym while he did party drop off before I had to met with the diaper buyer. This run saw me put a 1% incline on the 'mill for the first time in ages and I could have kept running and running. 6k treadmill, 35:58

Sunday: I joined the marathon group for the first time for the long run. I knew that Wayne and I would run together and hit around a 6:00-6:10 pace per km overall for the run and we did exactly that. We spent most of the run chatting and I think that my sarcasm may have been lost on Wayne at times. Whoops. I didn't run with my iPod and only ran with water (which froze as I didn't put it under my wind coat). The run was really nice and I'm ready to tack on 4k this weekend. 19k, 1:55:46

Total KM: 41.94, Total Time: 4:07:01, Average pace per KM: 0:05:53

The marathon is 81 days away! Hard to believe I'm still going to race a half and run a 30k before then!


  1. Nice week of training especially with everything else going on!

  2. What a crazy week for you! Talk about added stress. Way to handle it. :o)


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