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Monday, February 25, 2013

Mississauga Marathon Training Weeks 7 & 8!

To say I've been busy would be a massive understatement. Moving sucks. That's it and that's all. While I've been running, blogging has taken a back seat as all day, every day is so busy, busy, busy. Sigh.

Week 7:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Up at 0455 to get to the gym and on the treadmill for a tempo run. This was the usual warm up and 20 minutes at 5:02/km before a cool down. 6.44k, 35:33

Wednesday: We returned to the Thomas Street Hill for hill repeats on this night. We did 4x 500m (give or take) repeats with a warm up and cool down. I did okay in terms of pacing, but want to try to run these a bit faster/closer to marathon race pace in the coming weeks. 7.15k, 43:27

Thursday: I skipped as Fergus was under the weather.

Friday: Work from home day and I was able to run during my lunch hour. I put on my first pair of non-New Balance shoes (Brooks Ravenna 4s) and hit the dry roads in town. 8.15k, 48:23

Saturday: This was a busy day as we had so much going on as a family (tumbling, hockey, packing and moving). I ended up running an out and back in pleasant weather and felt good to get it done. 6.01k, 35:26

Sunday: Long run with the marathon group. As usual, Wayne and I stuck together and battled through massive, horrible winds to finish the LSD. I was happy to have my face mask and no exposed skin as Wayne had tears freezing on his cheeks (from the wind, not from the distance!). We still managed an okay pace. 24.01k, 2:32:01

Total KM: 51.76, Total Time: 5:14:20, Average pace per KM: 0:06:05

After that LSD, I went on to begin moving stuff into our new house with the goal of starting to live there on Monday (which was the Family Day holiday). We had dropped the kids at my folks for Sunday-Monday so we didn't have to worry about them. So on Sunday, I moved and packed stuff.

Monday: The movers came for the big stuff and I continued to move and pack stuff, set up my kitchen and unpack the boys rooms. Plus stuff like put up shower curtains and make sure there was soap in bathrooms etc.

Tuesday: I was off work to ... continue to move stuff to the new place. My legs were dead. I didn't even think about running. Oh, and Fergus? Ya he had the runs (not the enjoyable kind) since Thursday. So he was home with us. I took him to the doctor who couldn't tell us anything without a sample. Thank goodness the mere thought of mummy trying to get that sample was enough to block him up again.

Wednesday: Nothing like getting back into things with a lovely 5x500m hill repeat session! Strong winds and some ice patches on the hill forced me to slow down, but this felt good. 8k, 48:41

Thursday: Clinic night with a great guest speaker who talked about core and glute strength. Then we were off to run. I decided to do 3k easy and then 5k at half marathon race pace as I'm racing the Chilly Half Marathon on March 3rd. Target was 5:27/km. My 5k shook out like this: 5:20-5:12-5:15-4:59-4:54. Hmpf. I hope my last 5k at Chilly look the same. 8.5k, 47:25

Friday: Rest. Work from home (unpack more crap).

Saturday: After Fergus' tumbling class we headed across the street to the in-grocery store gym with daycare and I paid $5 to leave him with the daycare while I ran as close to race pace as I could on the treadmill. 8k, 44:12

Sunday: I dropped the kids at my folks again and ran the group LSD with Wayne. This was a personal distance record for him and the splits show it. We ran mainly under 6min/km but had a few later KMs at the 6:30s. No problem at all and the challenge is always good. 26k, 2:37:07. Then I went home and ... you guessed it, more moving crap (we have our old house until April).

Total KM: 50.5, Total Time: 4:57:25, Average pace per KM: 0:05:53, total moving time: too many hours to count. #@$%!

I'm hoping that this week is the final one for moving stuff! I also am running the Chilly half marathon this Sunday and while I'll write a post about it, I think we all know what my goals are (they have been the same in the last two HM I've raced).


  1. Impressive that you got all that training in with the move! That's amazing. Moving is very stressful for sure! Hope you settle quickly and love the new home.

  2. You're a champ. And super-fast! You're gonna do great!!
    Moving counts as cross-training ;)


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