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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I ate Wednesday

Time for another round of What I ate Wednesday thanks to Jenn!

I started the day with a tempo treadmill run which lasted 35 minutes. I ran 4miles with 20 minutes in the middle at tempo pace (8:06/mile). I've been getting these runs done early every Tuesday (5:30am) and am loving it. After my run, I enjoyed a late breakfast!

I didn't eat the Clif bar, just had the poweraid.

Once at my desk!

I had a lunch date!

And a simple, kid friendly supper!

Treats after the kids went to bed. And I wonder why the scale isn't moving!
Sometimes, the night needs to end like this. Yes. Work is crazy.

Hope you all had a great day!


  1. Lol I love that last picture! :)

    What a great lunch date you had!

  2. That is an early , early workout! I really wish I got up early to regularly exercise and start my day like that.

    LOVE sushi!

  3. LOL :) you are so funny!!! I need to wake up like you....but I never can! so lazy.


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