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Monday, May 13, 2013

I dreamed a dream.... Fall plans

Well, I road the high of the marathon all week last week. I ran a bit (28k, with one 15.8k recovery paced run with friends). I ate what I wanted. I went for a massage.

I ordered some books.

I dreamed of a fall marathon.

Then, I finally worked up the courage to speak to Ken about training through the summer.

Intense, I'm going to attempt to qualify for Boston, training. I laid out all of my reasons: my folks are going to be living with us through the summer while their condo is built, I'm on a good path toward racing success right now, my running room coach is going to pace the 3:35 or 3:40 group.

It went the way I expected.

Can't you just run a normal half marathon? It takes so much away from family time. I'd really rather you wait until next winter and just do only one marathon a year.

And so, the decision is made.

The rest of my year shakes out like this:

Bread & Honey 5k (goal: PB and increased age group placement - placed 6th last year)

A Midsummer Night's Run 30k (I've approached the race organizers about being the 3hr pacer. I REALLY hope to hear back in the positive)

Milton Half Marathon (Duh! My hometown. I've also asked about being a pacer here, but haven't heard back other then to confirm that they already have a 2hr pacer. If I don't pace this race, it will 100% be my PB attempt this fall)

Army Run Half Marathon (This is a maybe. I said I'd run it with my Brother In Law, Joe but something is holding me back from signing up)

As always, I'll do the 5k Resolution Run on New Year's Eve as well.

I will also approach some other fall races about pacing. I think I would do a good job.

I'm a bit sad about losing the dream of a big huge BQ at STWM, but Boston and other marathons will be there in the future.

I will focus on speed this summer (and weight loss - for real), and I will be happy about it instead of mourning what could have been.

Because I'll run another marathon next year. And it will be the BQ attempt.

I'm sure of that.


  1. Your dream will still be there next spring, Nicole. Maybe if you get all those pacing gigs we can try to PB at Scotia together! I think that we have the same time goal right? Good luck with whatever happens for the fall, and you've always got your baseball to take the place of those 20 milers! :o)

  2. Sounds like a solid plan to me. There's always another marathon for sure! You did great in Mississauga, your BQ is waiting for you at some point. Lots of time. Enjoy the summer with the family :)and run a kick ass 1/2 in the fall!

  3. It's good you had that talk though. You have the right attitude about it too. BQ might have been doable, but you want to be sure. Concentrating on speed this summer sounds like a great plan. Think of it as a year-long run-up to a spring BQ!

  4. Sounds like good plans for the rest of the year. Sounds like all of it will lead to a great marathon in 2014.

  5. I'm sure you will.....you have been on a roll and doing amazing! Your fall looks great and I will see you at Milton and come do Army, its such an inspirational race!


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