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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mississauga Marathon Training Week 12

Ah, week 12!

When I first wrote this plan, I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to hit the mileage it demanded. This week, the first peak week would be the real test.

Page one is done!

You see, this week called for 85km, with a 14k Tuesday run and 16k Thursday run and 23k on Saturday. The question was, could I do it while still working and doing the things I need to do with my family (lessons, bedtime stories etc)?

Well, it was a successful week.

Monday February 10: I hit the gym at lunch because I now knew that the "24 hour" gym wouldn't be open until 0530 on Monday morning. I pounded out a very sweaty 10k in lieu of the 12k I was supposed to do. I figured I'd make up the distance some time during the week. 10k, 57:42

Tuesday February 11: Back to the gym before 5am! The plan called for 4x10 minute tempo, but I couldn't hack it. I ended up running 2x10 minute tempo, 2x5 minute tempo and 2x5 minute race pace. Tempo is 4:46/km with race pace at 5:06/km. A tough but character building run and I'm glad that the Olympics are on TV! 14k, 1:16:17

Wednesday February 12: The first day of hills meant that I didn't need to wake up early because I was hitting the hills with the marathon group at 6:30pm! I had a doctor's appointment in the late afternoon and ended up at the hill just before 6pm, so I started on my own. I ran up the longer hill first to gain some distance and then I ran 5 hills. This is my first time running hills in a year! I didn't push myself because by this time of the week, I knew I'd be running the Around the Bay hills for the long run with SamEmma and Patty on Saturday. 10k, 57:31 (that time is with hills! I'm always amazed by how quickly I can run on clear ground now).

Thursday February 13: The plan had 16k. do I break it up and run half before work and half at lunch? 10k first and 6k? Nope. I decided to get it done all in one shot and hit the treadmill for the full 16k. Again, thank goodness for the Olympics.

Friday February 14: I woke up to a balmy -9c and decided to hit the streets for this 10k. I ran an out an back on a main, but not-busy-at-5am road and then looped around my street a bit to make up the distance. It felt good to get outside again. 10k, 57:20

Saturday February 15: 6:30am out and back on the Around the Bay hills? Bring it on! As mentioned, I joined Sam, Emma and Patty for this run and they changed their original plan to run more of the new ATB route so that I didn't have to drive to Hamilton to meet them. This meant that we went along the rolling hills of the course and up Valley Inn, only to turn around and do it all again. This is a tough run, which I've done before with Ali and (mainly) Colin last January. When we got back to our cars, we were at 22k. We could have stopped, but we are all stubborn and me more so then ever as I wanted to get the full 85k in for the week. So we ran randomly out for 1.5k and then back to the cars. What a shit last 3k. Oh well, got it done. 25k, 2:30:13

Total KM: 85 (52.8mi), Total time running: 8:12:27, Average pace per KM: 0:05:48 (0:09:20/mi)

WooHoo! I did it! Now, I just need to do it twice more! This week, I ramp back down to 90% of maximum mileage, then next week is the Chilly Half Marathon. This will not be a race effort, but I've yet to decide what I'm going to do with this run. I'm doing well so far, so I need to ensure that I keep it up and stay focused.

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