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Monday, February 24, 2014

Mississauga Marathon Training Week 13!

A tough week after the glorious last week of hitting the major milestone (HA!) of running over 50 miles (85k) in one week. I was tired and things hurt. But there are reasons for each of those things.

I'm tired because the hormone levels in my thyroid are all out of whack. Yay for hypothyroidism. I'm not that bad and I'm on a small level of daily medicine, but it could take SIX WEEKS for it to kick in! I hope its a hormonal problem and not just a I-work-full-time-and-have-two-young-kids problem. I'm getting at least 7.5 hours of sleep a night, plus napping twice daily (on my 1 hour train commute to work).

The hurt.

Well, I'm pretty sure that Sam gave me her plantars faciitis.

Haha. Just kidding.

But the fact is, that after years, YEARS! With no flare ups, I've been struggling with pain since October. I got new orthotics and some treatment, but my right heel has not resolved well at all. So, I'm back to a twice weekly physio appointment with laser and ultrasound and massage along with a wish and a prayer. This week, baring client meetings, I will also be wearing my old running shoes (with orthotics) everywhere (except outside where I'll still wear my Sorel's (with orthotics) because its freaking freezing. AGAIN.

Anyway, a tough running week and I was 6k short on the overall goal. I'm not going to worry about it.

Monday February 17th: Family Day in Ontario meaning a day off. A glorious day off where I could run in sunshine and not worry about regular demands. Oh, it was freaking -20 with wind chill. I set out for the out and back, clear roads 10k route from my house and just couldn't feel it. I bargained with myself for the whole run and ended up with 6k, 35.23.
Look at that big blue though. 
Tuesday February 18th: I got up at 0430, battled the fresh snow to drive to the gym. The 24 hour gym.Which was freaking CLOSED. re-opening at 0600 as Monday was considered a weekend and they don't really open 24 hours on the weekend, they are really only open 0600 Monday (on non holiday Monday's that is) until 2359 Friday. Bah. Back home, shower and get to work before 8am. Can't run because I have meetings all day and then physio at 1815. Assessment (Yes, you have really tight calves which is leading to the pulling on the faciitis and the pain), laser, ultrasound, ice and rebook for the next few weeks.

Wednesday February 19th: Well, doubles aren't that bad anyway, right? Woke up and got to the (now open) gym. Ran 10k with Olympic Curling. Dirty, dirty curling. "Just tickle it. TICKLE IT!!! Yup. YupYup. YEP. Hurry. Hurry Hard! HURRRRREEEEEEHHHAARRD!!! PUT IT ON THE BUTTON!!!" Whew, I need a cigarette. 8k, 48:47. Then, after work, it was time for Thomas Street Hill. And it was WARM! Like +1c!!! Amazing! Up and down x 6 hills. Whee!!! 10k, 1:01:03

Thomas Street Hill. 25 runners went up and down on this night
Thursday February 20th: My foot is a throbbing mess of horrific pain. Physio in the PM. Got some exercises to do which pretty much amount to, "how much can you pick up with your toes?"

Friday February 21st: Back to the gym for an early morning treadmill run. All systems go and Canada picks up gold and silver in women's ski cross. I'm feeling good. I feel like I'll be able to hit some pace work during the long run on Sunday. 10k, 58:29

Saturday February 22nd: Again on the gym treadmill. This time after Fergus' tumbling class, so he was treated to the in-gym daycare. I ran a ladder because I was feeling so good. 1 mile at 5:50/km, 1 mile at 5:39/km, 2 miles at 5:29/km and back down. Felt easy. I've got the pace work tomorrow. Then we went grocery shopping. Because I cooked an amazing Indian Feast for dinner that night. 10k, 56:30

Homemade Saag Paneer and Aloo Mutter with rice, samosa and butter chicken 
Sunday February 23rd: My first planned run with the marathon group out of the running room! Except I was the only one who showed up! There were a lot of the Around the Bay group there, but they were doing 29k and we had 26k on the plan. We started out and I asked if anyone was around a 6 min/km pace and Chris quickly came to run with me (he can run easily at a much faster pace, but didn't want to have me run alone - thank goodness!). I was streaming the hockey game so we chatted a bit and I gave him updates but it wasn't an overly chatty run (which is odd for both Chris and I!). I allowed him to push the pace quite a bit considering how easy I've been running my long runs, but the wind plus the hills plus my PF telling me that it was NOT completely better made my slower and slower throughout the run. The first 10k, we averaged 5:36/km, the next 10k (hilly bit) was 5:52/km and in the last 6k, I only had one KM under 6 min/km and averaged 6:15/km. This also included a 7 min km walking on a complete ice path in the forest. I should have stopped my watch. At the end of the run I was sore and frustrated as all get out. I know that there is no magic trick to getting the PF better, but running in pain and COLD and WIND. SUCKSSSSS. 26k, 2:32:01

Total KM: 70 (43.5mi), Total Time Running: 6:52:13, Average pace per KM: 0:05:53 (0:09:29/mi)

So this coming Sunday is the Chilly Half Marathon. I had hoped that at the very LEAST I could run this as a test run to see where I was for the big BQ attempt come May. As it stands the weather is going to be crap and I'll likely be high on coffee and advil just to get to the start line. I've asked Emma if she wants to try for a 1:50, which would be a PR for her and the slowest pace I could maintain and still BQ but at this point, we will see. Weather and pain will likely be the deciding factor for both of us.

And I didn't even take the leftover Indian! I let my husband have it.

How was your week? Are you running Chilly this week? Let's all do the Sun-make-it-0-degrees-please dance, mmmkay?


  1. Don't run on Saturday and start taking 2 reg strength Advil 2x day right now, hopefully that'll help get you through it. Maybe don't run after your last treatment of the week, let it rest? And you had PF long before me so I think it's you that gave me the cooties here! LOL PF sucks bongos. I hope it goes away for the both of us soon!

    I would never in a million years eat Indian food. I eat British and North American. That's it. All of those other world spices freak me out. LOL

  2. Geeze, not sure I want to catch the PF cooties from y'all :) Looking forward to Sunday, even if I have no idea what the heck I'm doing yet!

  3. Aw man Nicole, you are one tough cookie. Great job of persevering through the week. Fingers crossed things warm up for Chilly!

  4. Good luck with the foot! As for the thyroid/hormones, welcome to my world lol....hot flashes are next.

  5. Congrats on a great week and have fun at your half! I had a crappy week! Shoes issues are still unresolved and LA Marathon is less than two weeks away! Thank God this is not a goal race! Take care of that foot!


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