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Friday, February 27, 2015

Chilly Half Marathon: The Plan

This Sunday, I will run the Chilly Half Marathon for the fourth year in a row!

This race has great memories for me. It was my third half marathon back in 2012, even though it was "just" a training run on the path to my first marathon. 2012 brought me a PB and so did the 2013 edition. Finally, last year, I battled PF, but still finished with Emma and celebrated as she ran her way to a small PB.
I've always loved this race! How can you not? Its a fast and flat out and back race and when you're finished, the bars open to offer free chili and beer to the racers! Win, Win!

This year, the goals are different. Or, as Phaedra has noted, "this is NOT your A race."

So, she's given me a plan, based solely on time per KM. The plan is to stick to the plan. Sam's game to come along for the ride.

We'll go out and aim to hit 5:08/km as fast as possible (the beginning is always a bit of a cluster nightmare until about 3k) and then the effort should be smooth and easy all the way past the turn at 14k and then at 16k, we're supposed to pick it up and hit 5:05/km for the last five. Hopefully, we'll be feeling good enough to hit a bit faster in the last couple of KM. I've toyed with the idea of suggesting we race up the chute, but I know Sam will beat me, so instead, I'll settle for another (and better) finishing photo:

Road2Hope, 2014
See you on the flip side! If all goes well, the final time should be somewhere under 1:48! Not bad at all!


  1. Yay good luck! Now I'm a little sad I'm not running it with you this year, I might have been able to hang with those paces. Have fun and be awesome!

  2. Looks like a fun time. Hope you meet your goals and enjoy it all!


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