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Monday, February 2, 2015

Ottawa Marathon Training: Week One!

Back in the saddle again... er, kinda!

I'm absolutely back in a training plan zone again and I was able to fit (almost) all of my workouts in for the first week of Ottawa Training.

Phaedra was kind enough to give me the first three weeks of my plan over a month ago, so I decided to follow the layout for the first three weeks of the month unofficially. I wanted to get ready to run five days a week again and I wanted to make sure I could hit the first tempo run on the plan. I was glad I did!

Monday: Supposed to be XTrain day, but Ken was out of town, Alasdair had hockey and I didn't get home and to eat until 830pm. Skipped the workout. Started out strong.

Tuesday: Because Ken was away, I mashed around the entire schedule. This was supposed to be tempo day, but instead I did 5k easy on the treadmill, after work.

Wednesday: Lunch run, treadmill again. Just upped the pace every mile to get it over with. 6k in total. I threw down 3x12 military pushups after. I vow to better my upper body strength this season!

Thursday: Work from home day due to Ken still being away and having a parent-teacher interview with Fergus' teachers. This was the tempo run. I was nervous, but Sam, Zindine and Terry (from DM), all gave me good advice/pep talks and I got out there with my watch set to just show the lap pace. That really helped with my mental game and I nailed the 5k at tempo pace (5:00/km).

Friday: Rest day. Don't mind if I do.

Saturday: Long run day. Fergus had hockey at 0745 and Alasdair had an away game in the early afternoon. I had to get up and get the run done by 0730 so that I was home in time to chill with Alasdair while Fergus was at hockey. I "only" had to run 18k, so not too bad but certainly its better to do this with a friend, espeically starting at 0530 in -20c weather. Enter Sam! In true #runnersmakethebestfriends fashion, she hauled her sinus infection self out of bed to join me. It makes sense. After all, we'll be racing together at Ottawa in May. The run felt sluggish for both of us, but we got the 18k done in 1:46, so not a bad little pace at all. I won't repost the photo I put on Instagram because Sam seems to think she looks like death or something.

Sunday: 5k recovery. I know! Recovery days are now a thing?! Anyway, I had to hit up the GoodLife Women's only in Milton with Fergus in the child care as Ken had taken Alasdair to the walk-in clinic with a weird rash. Turns out he had/has Roseola. He's bit too old for it, but he's got it. Getting out of the house was a bit of a gong show and I kept forgetting things and going back to get them. In the end, I forgot earbuds and a regular bra to wear home after my shower. HA. The run was quick and easy and I hit some arms after.  The weights felt good and hard, but I'm going to take Patty up on her offer to help me with an upper body training plan.

So, all in all a great first week! Ken was away Monday-Friday, so I had warned Phaedra that I may not got it all in, but I did (minus the cross train) and I was happy to do so. The marathon is a LONG way away, but I'm hoping the training will fly by!

Total stats: 42.02k run, 2 upper body work outs, 4h24m spent training.

Hope you had a great week as well!

How often do you have to switch up your schedule due to "real life?" What compromises do you make to fit it all in?


  1. Nice start to training Nicole!

  2. Only 18K on Saturday! :p

    Great job getting in all those workouts with so many other things going on in your life. Good omen for a great season I hope!

  3. Nice start to the training! Especially working around all that real life stuff. Real life is a pain in the ass.

    And man I still really love those capris (we all know the fashion is VERY important).

  4. Great first week Nicole! Thanks for not posting that picture. Ew. Looking forward to watching your training over the next 16 weeks!

  5. Yay for marathon training!! Sounds like a great week, even with some missed and rearranged workouts. I'm definitely sick of the snow!


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