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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The expense of gear

The good news is that a new Running Free store opening up in my town. A town that needs it judging by the number of runners and cyclists seen in and around town. The bad news is that even with a sale and further discount, running gear is expensive.

I got Sugoi capris (but really, they are pants on me - I'm 5 feet tall) and a technical shirt. Plus, I finally bought a pair of good socks, Fox River 1/4 socks. I have been getting blisters after almost every 5k plus run and I decided to go ahead and give up on my old sports socks and vaseline regime and get into real running socks.

In terms of running, this week went well! I did run on my treadmill, but didn't do it in the AM or with a hill program (which my EVO FX2 Smooth does not have). I ran about 3k on Wednesday evening using the "run" program and it kicked my butt! It was way too fast! It is a good challenge though and I think what I may do is try to run 30 mins at slow pace and uncomfortable fast pace. Likely 2 and 2s or something. I haven't thought it all out yet. Friday, I ran 5k in about 35 mins plus warm up and cool down. Today (Sunday), I meet up with my friend again and we did 7k outdoor, but pushed way too fast in the first 3.5k. Combined with the humidity, I had a hard time with the straight run on the way back, but know that I will be able to pull through the the 10k route she wants to run in a few weeks, I just have to keep on it.

I didn't make it to Curves once. I had two offsite training days this week which meant no time for Curves. I'm really toying with leaving the club. I don't get anything out of it anymore and I could always run at lunch like some people do. We have a great big accessible bathroom at work and I could totally "shower up" in that.

Decisions, decisions.

Next week, we are away for five days camping and I'm bringing my running stuff. I plan to run once if not twice! Here's hoping! This week, I'll have to get 3 runs or 15k in by Friday night due to camping. That's pretty much the plans for the week.

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  1. thanks for your comment yesterday! I thought I had you setup properly in my reader but obviously didn't! I do now :) Yep, gear is expensive, wait till you get into triathlon! LOL I stopped by my local Running Free yesterday to return the wet suit and of course other things caught my eye lol. Enjoy camping, hope you get the running in! :D


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