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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2 confessions, 1 question

I have two confessions to make and a question to ask.

Confessions first.

I love to sweat. LOVE.

I fell off of my treadmill tonight. Really.

So first things first.


I decided to run speed intervals on the treadmill tonight. The only research I've done is to read various running blogs to see what other people do and then absorb it all and try my own version. I ended up doing a 2 min walk, 4 mins comfortable pace (5.4), 3 mins fast (6.5 pace), 2 mins slow (3.8 pace) x 2, then 2 and 2's x 2, then 3 mins at 6.0, then a 1 min slow and a steady run to finish 4.35 km in 32 mins. It was hard. It was hot.

Wait for it.

It was sweaty!

Because the "summer" has been so mild, we've not put our A/C on. While the basement is cooler than the house, it is still humid and I loved it! I was literally dripping, my hair was wet, my skin was gleaming. I really do not like to exercise unless I have this tangible evidence of work. Plus, it just feels good. I think this odd love of sweat must come from my years of summer dance class in studios without A/C. Ahh, childhood memories.

And so. Ah-hem. Confession #2:

I fell off the treadmill.

For the first time ever (I've had the EVO since October 2008 and have ran on treadmills on and off for the past 10 years).

I had left the treadmill during my walk warm up to turn up the TV (hey, Hasselhoff says some okay things on America's Got Talent), and when I went to step back on it, I TOTALLY blanked that it was still going. I stepped on it as if it was off and CRASH! BOOM! BANG! I'm fine and continued with the run, but the cats are likely even more afraid of the machine now and I've added a few (more) grey hairs to my husband's head.


Question: I wore my new running (capri) pants tonight (they are too big in the waist! I hope I can shrink them?), my question is: What are the holes at the back of the calf for? They have reflective material around them and I can't for the life of my think what they are for. These can't be bike pants cause they don't have any padding. Any guesses?

So, speed run (as it were) for 4.35 km tonight. I feel awesome.


  1. Gah, I hate sweat, which is probably why I hate running indoors!

    As for # 2 ... yikes. :/ Good for you getting up and getting back on. I would have backed away from the treadmill!

    No idea about those holes. Weird!

    (Hey, I heard that the women's 5K race shirts are by LULULEMON! That is worth the registration fee alone!)

  2. sweat definitely feels like you're showing your efforts. Regarding the pants, no clue either! Hmmm


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