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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Sigh. Lately motivation has waxed and waned. It just seems so much easier to allow life to get in the way. Like yummy Indian dinners out with my husband followed by newly discovered cider.

However, I’ve signed up for the Toronto Women’s 5K race and my aim is to PB this run at a sub 30 minute time, officially – natch.

So, that means I’m going to have to get off of my butt.

Train (if you will).

Set a schedule for runs.

This is my plan:

One weeknight run (about all I typically fit in). This must be 5-7k

One weekend run (again, typical). The goal for this should be 10k (har, NOT typical)

One morning run on the treadmill (30 minutes of the hill program). This is net new. This can be done on Tuesday’s or Thursday’s when I don’t have to take my kid to my parents house for care.

Curves visits 2-3x a week (I’m a wee bit over Curves)

Baseball as scheduled

This is the two week plan. Revisions to come July 30th.

I will keep you updated.

I will follow it.

I will PB.

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  1. Do it!

    I didn't sign up for the 5K yet... I started worrying about the garbage strike. :\


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