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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Training begun

So I went for a 6.15km (according to MapMyRun) or 7.14km (according to gmaps pedometer) run this morning in Oakville with a friend of mine.

Let's go with gmaps, eh?

It was great to run with someone! It only took us about 45 minutes and we talked the entire time. We only took one short break at the half way point (ran an out and back) and I needed to walk to drink about two more times after that. This friend has run a half marathon in the past, but has a 15 month old and is getting back into running as exercise.

I can not believe what a difference running and talking makes. Even though I didn't know the route (so I couldn't enjoy the mental monologue You're almost halfway, only 1km to go), I found it easy to just keep chatting and running. It was a beautiful morning and we saw so many different running and cycling groups along the lakeshore of Oakville. At the end we agreed to meet up next Sunday and if this keeps up I'll have my "long" run covered!

This week, its all about sticking to the training plan. Wish me luck. I think the morning hill is what may kill me! HA.

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