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Monday, August 17, 2009


Yesterday morning at 9am, I met up with my friend Sarah and we ran 8.5k.

This is the longest distance I have ever run.


We ran the entire thing (minimal stops for water -like less than 30 seconds, don’t count right?) and chatted the entire way. It took us about 52 minutes, give or take (still dealing with my second hand watch!).

I do have a couple of observations to share, but first I’d like to tell you what we saw just as we were starting out.

We run along Lakeshore in Oakville (Ontario) starting off near Appleby College. Just as we were getting started, a crowd of cyclist came up the street on the north side (we run on the south side) and began to pass us. Then, one caught something and crashed and skidded! I stopped. I couldn’t help it. I have first aid training (which I’m sure their clinic leader does as well), but I felt that I had to help if need be. A second cyclist crashed into the first, but he managed to stop himself before real damage was done. Once we saw the group heading back to help them, we continued on and less than three minutes afterwards, the crash victims were back on their bikes at the back of the pack. That’s dedication. I hope that the road rash wasn’t too bad for that lady and man.

And so.

My first distance (can 8.5k be considered distance?) run observations:

1) I will so be able to run the 5k in <30min in two weeks.
2) I can run 10k

Sarah wants to do a 10k in October (her first foray back into racing post baby). If neither of us has killed any rabbits by Sep 1st, we will begin looking for one, unless anyone has any suggestions of good October 10k races in the GTA.


  1. Congrats on your longest distance! You've really been improving. You're going to kill the women's 5K!

    As for 10K... you HAVE to do the Toronto Zoo Run! (Oct 17th). The course is somewhat intricate at times with ups and downs (zoo paths - don't worry, you don't go down the Canada Pavillion) but it's so much fun running all over the zoo that it's totally worth it!

    I know many people who have run the ZooRun as their first 10K and I think it's a great choice!

  2. the zoo run was my first 10k! I enjoyed it. Great job running, and ouch on the bike crash. hope they're alright, but good of you to stop :)


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