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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lunch Time Runner

You and me

(sing to the tune of part time lover).

I did it! I ran 5k at lunch today (okay from 11:40-12:10), then took the opportunity to shower at the Curves I go to which is from here to there to my work (it IS that close). I ran from King and Yonge, south to Queen's Quay, east to Parliament, north to Queen, west to Yonge (never again, too much construction right now) and south to King. According to MapMyRun, this route is just under 5k (like 600m less), but I wouldn't run it again because there is too much stopping due to lights. Last spring when I attempted the couch to 5k program (on my own), I would run along Queens Quay west and it was a much nicer run (as I recall). I'm going to map that one (likely an out and back) for Thursday.

I feel awesome! I can do anything.

Uh, my lunch bag is almost empty though. Sigh.

This braggy, braggart post brought to you by your Stevie Wonder smooth hits retrospective now available from K-Tel*

*not really, I'm making this shit up.

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  1. Yahoo! You did it!

    But you cheated with the shower... ;)


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