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Friday, August 14, 2009

PSA - Never run with heartburn

You know I never, ever experienced heartburn until I was pregnant. And when I was pregnant, for a long time I didn't realize that the burning in my throat was the much discussed heartburn. It wasn't until I described it in detail to my long suffering husband, that I was diagnosed. By my 41st week (oh yes, The Kid was late), I couldn't even drink water without suffering the burn.

Once I gave birth (or, if you prefer - once I had the surgery to remove The Kid from my uterus and body) and lost the 50 odd pounds gained over 10 months, I went back to my non-suffering ways and in the past 31 months have only experienced heartburn a handful of times.

Tonight was one of those times.

I met my husband at the local pub after picking up The Kid and we decided to stay there for dinner. After a craptastic accident from my potty-training 2.5 year old, I drowned my sorrow in a lovely pint of Harp and a plateful of nachos (thanks to small favours, we did have a change of underwear for The Kid - no wipes, but the husband did what he could).

After the first two sips of his third pint of the afternoon, my husband turned to me and said

I can't drive home!

No problem! I declared.

I would run back (3.5k) and pick up his car. A very good plan that 1) stopped me from having a second pint (sob), 2) ensured I got some kind of run in tonight (I DID go to Curves at lunch).

So, I headed out 45 minutes after we left the pub. 45 minutes after I got the most out of my $13 plate of nachos (jalapenos and all) and drained every last sip from my pint glass.

I ran outside wearing shorts for the first time because it was hot.


I set a great pace and knew that I'd have no problem with the distance. I was only really worried about the heat. I took a different route than my normal 5k run which lead me through mature neighbourhoods and allowed my mind to drift and sing along with the tunes on my run list as my feet hit the sidewalk. I noticed that younger men also seem to smile and wave at runners (must wear shorts more often). I scared the crap out of an older couple walking a dog and taking up the entire sidewalk by yelling "LEFT" at them as I passed. Things were good.


Oh then.

Probably around 2.5k I started to have this BURNING feeling in my throat. I couldn't fathom what it was. I figured it was some toothpaste stuck in my throat so I took a swig of water and swallowed hard.

Nope, still burning.


I did the same again, but this time I spit.



Its bloody heartburn!

From that point on, I used all my mental power just to make it through the last km. As I have never run this particular route, I wasn't sure where I was or how long I had to go before I got to the car, so when I rounded the corner and saw the main streets leading to the plaza with the pub, I was never more grateful.

The husband is quite happy not to have his car left in a pub parking lot all night either.

Lesson learned: Save the pubs for post sports like all normal people.

3.5k, 22 mins.

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