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Sunday, August 9, 2009


This is after all, my last day of vacation.

I did not run while camping. Too much rain coupled with not enough toddler sleep meant there was no real opportunity to do so.

I did get 5k in this morning in the MUGGY mists of Milton after my normal Sunday running partner came down with a strange gastro bug and called off our planned 8.5k run in Oakville.

Thank God for small favours as the saying goes. The 5k was hard. I had very sore legs. I managed to run the whole thing (with pauses for water/red lights) but I had to do some major internal pep talking to do so.

The headwind on the way back didn't help either. Ha!

5k, 32 mins - give or take (I have a watch with a second hand; timing is difficult).

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