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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Yesterday I was discharged from Physio! Yippee!

My knee is on the mend, but I need to ensure that I keep up the stretching and strengthening routines that I learned. My knee is still "tracking" slightly off, so I need to get back in to see the therapist at the first sign of something odd to ensure I don't end up with a very bad injury. He also suggested that I ice my knee after every run whenever possible.

I'm also back in the running game! According to Daily Mile I ran 32k last week (M-Su) for a total of 3h32m spent running over four workouts. I'm very pleased to see those numbers! I ran my LSD on Saturday morning as we were attending a party later in the day and sleeping over so I wouldn't have been able to get it in on Sunday AM. This strategy worked out well for me and I didn't feel one iota of guild as I loaded up on the 12 kinds of amazing salads on offer at the buffet (or the piece of chocolate Canada Day cake!).

I kept up the early morning routine this morning, heading out the door at 0715 to start my day with 5.7k around my neighbourhood. It took me about 2k to get my legs working and less stiff, but it was great to get back in the house knowing that I got the workout in (I have baseball tonight, plus both of my kids are home with me now that school is out and it is really hard to run with the jogging stroller and my four year old on his bike!).

I'm eager to put some speed work back on the plan, but I'm unsure if I could handle a tempo run so early in the AM. I guess I can test the theory tomorrow morning as I think my husband is off for a bike ride tomorrow evening, meaning I can't run once the kids are in bed (as he'll be gone).

This weekend is also the Warrior Dash, but that will be more about the post-race drinks having a great time, then racing. I'll write about that one later in the week.


  1. Oooh I have always wanting to try the Warrior Dash but the date is a conflict. have fun!

    Good news on your 'discharge'!!

  2. Welcome back...have a great trime at the Warrior Dash...looks like a lot of fun.

  3. Good luck at the Warrior Dash. Its on my to do list on year :)


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