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Monday, July 25, 2011

Week 2!

Here we go! Week two recap:

Sunday: 12.27k. A pretty good run on a new route that was just a huge door to door rectangle. I totally miscalculated the sun and ran in the direct sun too much, but was okay anyway. I got out the door around 0730 and was hot. I did manage to get home in time to nurse the baby down to his 9am nap and I made it to 10am mass with my oldest as well. 1:21:35

Tuesday: Thomas Street Hill. I gladly joined the new half marathon clinic to run hills. A short warm up and three repeats and we were done. I was happy to be close to tempo for all three repeats. My plan is to keep up with them when I don't have a baseball game conflict. 5.12k, 0:33:26

Wednesday: I decided to do a medium long run on this night rather then the tempo I had planned because it was still stinking hot at 8pm. I wavered at 6k when I could have turned for home, 300 metres away. Instead I continued on the route and finished strong at 8.2k. 0:52:42

Friday: Tempo run on the treadmill at the gym. It was HOT last week. My oldest was at camp, so the baby and I headed to the gym so that I could get this in. It felt good. Actually, if I admit it it felt a bit too easy. No worries though - I start intervals in week three, so I'm sure there will be pain again. 6.4k, 0:41:13

Saturday: My friend has started a learn to run program on her own so I told her I'd run with her anytime. We agreed to meet Saturday, so I ran to her place. It was 16:18 when I started and the temperature was +37C. It was a hot run. 4.3k, 0:27:12. We then went on to do her LTR (4 and 1s) for 2k (0:16:48).

Total KM: 38.29 Total Time: 4h12m56s Average Pace per KM: 0:6:36


  1. Great job on the week.. Always fun getting it in with youngsters so even bigger Kudos.

    Intervals will be lots of fun so enjoy the pain and say "I will conquer".

  2. Great week! It was a very hot week!

  3. Great work last week!! There were some hot ones for sure - running at 4pm?! Eek!


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