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Friday, September 9, 2011

Energizer 5k Night Race - Goals!

When I signed up for this race my entire goal was to run the race in under 30 minutes. I've never done this in a Chip timed race.

I did run a 5k under 30 minutes back in April, when I raced the Avery Bravery 5k in 28:44 (per Garmin).

Since that time, I've run a half marathon, kept training and have really focused on speed-work. I've had some speedy runs as of late and as such, here are my goals:

C: 28:43 - Just beat the fastest time to date

B: 27:59 - Shave some time off of that April time

A: 26:59 - Based on my tempo run on Wednesday, I should be able to do this.

A+: sub 26:45

My other goal is to run the race smart.

I don't want to get caught up in the start. 5k can be a LONG race if you go all out too quickly. My goal is to go out at a 5:30 pace per KM and speed up after 2k and run like I'll never run again in the last 1k-500m.

The headlamp is ready and so am I.

Bib 2375.

See you after the race.


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