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Monday, May 7, 2012

Mississauga Marathon Training Week 18

I know! Just the post you're waiting for!

I went into this last week of training feeling great! I had no mental taper issues going on and I was slowing building my confidence toward my marathon goals and strategy. I decided to enjoy the final three runs!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: I worked non-stop all day and enjoyed a nice run around the neighbourhood after the boys were tucked into bed. The weather was wonderful and I just let my thoughts drift to how Sunday was going to be. 5.3k, 31:44

Wednesday: This was our last group run with the training group and we just headed around the lake once and home. Work was CRAZY again so I ended up eating a vector bar and having a half caf, non-fat latte before the run. Well, that was a mistake. I thought I would have to run the the bushes for the entire run and ended up walking with about 1k left for a few minutes. I ran with Paul and was again saddened to know we wouldn't be running together on Sunday. 8k, 49:58

Thursday, Friday: Rest

Saturday: A 20 minute shake out run around the block while the boys and friends played in the park. It was another beautiful morning for a run and I ran with a headband to test that out. I decided I'd stick with the hat on Sunday. I listened to some newer music that I had loaded onto my MP3 player and enjoyed the new tunes. 3.3k, 20:00

Sunday: Race day. If you think I'm giving anything away, you're crazy. Besides, its on the sidebar with the DailyMile link. Race report next. Promise. I'm just waiting for photos.

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