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Friday, June 8, 2012

Foto Friday

I was very focused during the Bread & Honey 5k race last Sunday and my lack of photos show that the photogs only love me when I'm thumbs up and smiling. Here is the best of the two shots I got:

Don't mess with me kids, I've got a PB to go get.

This week, I had Google in to do a lunch and learn with my department. My representative gave me some left over give away Google sunglasses afterward and I wore them for my run last night and this morning. I'm actually in love with them. They don't fog or bounce! The only draw back is that they don't sit as nicely with a hat like my Oakley's do:
New Sunnies!

Happy Friday! I've already done my LSD (this morning) so all I have on tap is my first session of track work on Sunday! I'm so pumped!

I hope you enjoy a lovely weekend!


  1. I like that picture! You look so focused and sure of yourself. My 5K last weekend doesn't seem to have had photos (although I thought that I saw photographers?). How ghetto! LOL Lucky you getting your long run out of the way. I'm going in the morning and just noticed that it's supposed to rain. Boo.

  2. You have the best race photos!

  3. Love that race picture. You see total determination and commitment. Go girl!


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