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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

MidSummer Night Run Training weeks 1 & 2

I have been SO CRAZY BUSY with life and work that I've barely had time to read my work emails never mind blogger! I have been remiss about updating my training, so here is a quick and dirty post about my first two weeks of training for the MidSummer Night 30k Run.

Week 1: June 4-10

Monday: I started the training plan right with a tempo run! I ran a 12 min warm up, 20 min tempo at an average pace of 5:08/km, the rest to cool down/get home. This run did not feel easy and my tempo pace was all over the place. I really prefer running tempo on a treadmill. This was also the day after the Bread & Honey 5k race, so I'm sure my body was tired. 8.25k, 47:16

Tuesday: A lunch-time treadmill run was all I had time for as I had baseball later in the evening. 5k, 31:04

Wednesday: Cross train with some abs, push ups and lunges

Thursday: A loop through my neighbourhood using my alternative route past one of my good friend's houses (it always picks up my spirit to run by her place). 6.45k, 40:04

Friday: LSD! I took advantage of the fact that I work from home on Friday's and executed the LSD in the morning. The run was hot because I started too late in the morning (I had to drop my oldest at school). It is amazing how easy and quick 16k feels now. 16k, 1:38:11

Saturday: Rest (and drink too much at a friend's place)

Sunday: My first real hung-over run with the friend from the night before. It was hot and we started at 10am. She's a high school gym teacher and floated along on her long legs while I huffed and puffed and kept the vomit down. I felt AMAZING after the run though! 6.5k, 38:44

Total KM: 42.2, Total Time: 4h15m19s, Average pace per KM: 0:06:03

Week 2: Jun 11-17

Monday: Rest. Alasdair and I went to Wonderland with friends:
This is one of our last rides, in the rain: Spinovator!

Tuesday: Rest. I was tired, work was CRAZY.

Wednesday: Work was less crazy so I hit up the treadmill at lunch for a tempo run with a 10 min warm up, 20 min at 5:06 tempo and the rest to get to 8k. 45:38

Thursday: When I got home from work, I looked at my husband, looked at my crazy kids (going crazy) and did NOT feel like cooking or eating the tilapia in the fridge. East Side Mario's where kids eat free was a winner! I went for a run after the kids went to bed and the heavy food sat in my stomach making it feel worst than my hang over run the week before. Oh well, got it in. 6.3k, 39:11

Friday: LSD during work from home day again! I got out nice and early just after 6am and hit my new 18k route for a very pleasant and seemingly short run. Everything was just perfect during this run. I didn't even need any gels or chomps. 18.41k, 1:56:27

Saturday: Our first camping trip of the season, thus REST (and the beach and roasted marshmallows and spider dogs)

Sunday: The best part about our first camping trip of the season is that it is always at Rockwood which is about 20 minutes from home. We got home before lunch (due to threat of rain) and enjoyed a relaxing day. After the kids went to bed, I hit the humidity and the track for my first interval workout of the plan. I ran 5x400s with 200m rests in between. I had no idea what pace to hit for the 400s and just ran by effort. I ended up with the following paces: 4:24-4:10-4:16-4:18-4:21. Pretty good as McMillan says I should look to run at 4:18 pace. At least I have a goal for next week. 9k, 53:37

Total KM: 41.71, Total Time: 4h14m53s, Average pace per KM: 0:06:07

A pretty good first two weeks if I say so myself. I think running five days a week is going to be a challenge so I'm amping myself up to be okay with only running four days.

I hope you're enjoying the summer as much as I am!


  1. Hung over and running in the heat is good training for Midsummer ;)

  2. Great training! I love the hangover run!

  3. I hear you on being busy... I have barely had time for blogging recently and I feel terrible because I am so behind on keeping tabs on everyone.

    Looks like you are doing great. Congrats on your first 2 weeks!


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