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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Around the Bay Race Goals!

Much like last year the goal for the 2013 Around the Bay race is to run it as a Long Slow Distance run. Wayne, Colin, Phil and I are going to start together and aim for a 5:55-6:00/km pace and enjoy ourselves along the way.

I do feel that if the day is going well, and I'm within the target to get a PB at sub 2:59:51 after the hill at Valley Inn, I will go for it for sure. That part of the race is all downhill to Copps and I really had a blast passing by people along the way last year as well.

Other goals include tweeting, Facebook updating and generally having a great time on this catered training run. For those who haven't seen this yet, check out the elevation map my friend shared on her facebook. It is hilarious!

I'll be bib number 6235 and I'll be in the open corral at the start!

Good luck to everyone running this event and remember to have fun with it.


  1. That elevation chart is funny! Love it! Have a great run on Sunday and hope to see you all there.

  2. I too will ATTEMPT to text and tweet......but I suck at multi-run-tasking ;) Though I'll be taking this race slow. I am going to try to run at pauls 6:40/km's but who knows. I think the only thing scary about doing 15k (I know I'm a wuss) is that I haven't been running so I KNOW my legs are going to feel it.....but whatever it should be fun!

    I will hopefully have enough time to get on a bus back to copps to watch you guys come in!

  3. Don't forget the most important goal: Don't crap your pants!


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