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Monday, March 4, 2013

February Recap!

February brought its own challenges in terms of the weather (snow! ice! slush! snow!) and moving into our new home, but I continued to make time for running, even if it meant waking up at 0455 on a Tuesday morning to get a tempo run in before work. I'm well on my way in terms of marathon training and some realistic goals are starting to form in my mind.

# of runs: 19

Longest Run: 26k LSD run completed with the lovely Wayne from our Marathon clinic. It windy, but a perfect day otherwise (for the February we were having) and it was a personal distance record for Wayne. I'm starting to LOVE my red delicious apples post run again.

Races: None!

Highlight run of the Month: Running the Around the Bay hills with Ali from Running with Spatulas. Unfortunately it was her worst run to date but it was nice to see her again and I got to run with Ali's husband Colin as he experienced the infamous Around the Bay hills for the first time and got a personal distance record for the day. And we looked great at the start!

Total KM: 200.48, I ran for six days in a row to get to the 200km milestone! That's a run streak for me.

Total time spent running: 20h21m39s

Average pace per KM: 0:06:06 - with all of the long runs in this month (four were 19k plus!), it makes sense that my average pace will drop a little.

March started with an amazing race at the Chilly Half Marathon which I detail as soon as the photos are ready.

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  1. That's one fantastic month - 200km and 19 runs is a lot! Hope things continue that way for march!


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