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Monday, March 4, 2013

Mississauga Marathon Training Week 9!

Well, it was a super packed week as I wanted to get two days of rest before the Chilly Half Marathon, but it sure payed off in the end!

Monday: I looked at my monthly totals and noticed I was at 170km. I decided that I could get 30k in before the end of the month on Thursday and so I forewent a rest day and ran an easy 5k on the treadmill during lunch hour. 5k, 31:14

Tuesday: Fergus was home sick again (he's on the mend, finally) but once my husband got home, I got out for the planned THURSDAY run of 10k as Ken had errands on Thursday. It was windy. CRAZY windy and I may have cursed the wind numerous times during the run. The wind did make it interesting though as I ran from our new house and kept turning and weaving to avoid it. 10.01k, 57:49

Wednesday: It slush-snowed all day on Wednesday. I was texting with Steph in the afternoon to see if she was still keen on hitting the hills as she was the only one I could count on that night (our leader was on vacation, Wayne was away on business and other members only come sporadically on Wednesday's). She basically guilted me into going to the hills:

Yes, it is true, I showed up around 18:20 and I was super worried that Steph wasn't going to show when 18:30 hit. She pulled up just as I hit send on that message. We took it very slow and really enjoyed the super mild weather (but not the wet feet). 6 hills, 9k, 1:04:32

Thursday: I missed clinic night as Ken was supposed to go do some construction on our old place (part of the sales agreement). His contractor friend fell through, but I still got my lunch hour treadmill run in to hit 200km for the month of February! 6k, 36:06

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Chilly Half Marathon. Oh, nothing. Just a 5min16sec PB! Report to follow! 21.19k, 1:51:54 (chip).

Total KM: 51.2, Total Time: 5:01:35 Average pace per KM: 0:05:53

I'm really happy with the way things are going. My goals for March are to ensure that I actually track my diet and lose some of that weight I gained in the off season. I've got 10lbs (still!) to go to get down to race weight and putting down the wine and chips is the only way I'll do so.


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