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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mississauga Marathon Training Week 10!

Well, I think it is pretty easy to avoid the training blahs when you can build races into the schedule. After the brilliant half marathon I was able to avoid the pitfalls of not feeling like running and put in the highest mileage week yet!

Monday: Rest. My legs felt great!

Tuesday: 0515 out and back run from my house. Everything was easy, including my pace. These pre-work runs make me so happy! 6.01k, 34:36

Wednesday: Hill night in Streetsville. The entire group showed up and we hit the hills in pleasant weather. This run felt hard in the middle as it always does. Even though I was third to finish the hills (behind Chris and Wayne), I decided not to do another half hill at easy pace and just hung out and chatted with Chris before our group headed out together for our cool down. 7x500m hills. 10k, 59:23

Thursday: Easy run night. WooHoo! Except Wayne was on FIRE and Chris caught us at 5k and pushed the pace up. Oh well. Wayne blazed through the end but Chris stayed with me chatting away. Another lovely night. Spring is in the air. 10.01k, 56:30

Friday: Drink! Rest!

Saturday: I set the alarm for 6am and enjoyed this:

6.01k, 34:19

Sunday: Long run day! It was a great day for a long run. So warm, but not hot. Peter joined our group and Peter, Wayne and I ran together through the usual 29k route. We chatted and kept our pace perfectly at the higher end of our LSD recommended speed. At 19k, the very best thing happened! Henry was at the base of our longest and steepest hill to offer us all of the delights of a van of goodies! We all ended up at his van at the same time and were able to enjoy the various goodies while he wished us well on the last 10k of our run.

Mannish, Paul, Henry, Peter!

Mannish, Paul, Me, Peter!
Henry actually spent his down time running up and down our Wednesday night hill which is something he LOVES to do. Wayne, Peter and I finished strong with Peter picking it up in the last three km while Wayne and I stayed consistent. We celebrated Wayne's personal distance victory and then I went home to spend three hours moving more crap. Amazingly, my legs felt awesome the next day. Guess the active recovery really helped (or maybe all of the beers the night before). 29.01k, 2:53:25

Total KM: 61.04, Total Time: 5:58:13, Average Pace per KM: 0:05:52

Another great week of running and Around the Bay is only 13 days away! Hope you're training is going well too!


  1. Great week Nicole! Well done!

  2. Reads like a really awesome week of training and I am glad the weather is cooperating for you too. Good luck with your race!

  3. My wife and I are running our first ATB next Sunday and we are super excited. Will be a personal distance record for us. Weather looks awesome!


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