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Thursday, November 6, 2008

November 5/08

Whee, not at all a bad, bad day... not a great one either, but meh. I'm not worrying about it any more.

B: Oatmeal, coffee
L: Scallops with mushrooms, sweet potatoes and veggie tempura and rock shrimp. I was at a Japanese restaurant. One glass of wine.
D: Chicken pot pie (homemade with low fat soup, not gravy) and fries.

3x Halloween chocolate bars

H2O: over 2L.

We shall see what the scale says.

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  1. Macnic you are really not eating enough to get you through the day! You should be adding more protein throughout the day, for example add to your salad chicken or tofu. If your having oatmeal add a sprinkle of flaxseed, chop up a banana or add a touch of nuts. Also try increasing your fibre intake. Fibre has the effect of making you full longer. Also protein helps you build lean muscle mass.


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