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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November 11, 2008

Today I hosted a playdate at my house because as a bank worker I had the day off. It was a great day with so much food, and I think I did okay.

B: Banana and rice krispies, coffee
L: Some olives, some veggies and dip (likely 5-6 sticks), salami and provolone sandwich, one chocolate chip cookie.
S: Clementine orange. YUM. Coffee
D: Pizza - frozen kind, 3 slices

H2o - likely less than a litre.

I didn't go on the treadmill because my company stayed until it was time to wake up my kid from his nap, but it was a fun day and I ended up sending most leftovers home with people and keeping things like the clementines and the fruit salad.

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