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Friday, November 21, 2008

The week that was...

Yeah, yeah, I've not posted this week. Meh. I've had a seriously disillusionment with the internets on Friday evening/Saturday that left me swearing off imaginary friends and conversations all together. But really, who cares who knows what I eat for God's sake?

Monday: write off - McDonald's for breakfast, Mr. Sub for lunch, ACC box for dinner. 8 beers.

Tuesday: Ugg... I'm sure I ate "okay" on Tuesday, don't remember it though

Wednesday: I made it to the gym this day. Lunch was out at a lovely restaurant and I had a salad with buffalo mozzarella and a Stilton and brisket burger - freaking awesome burger. Dinner was home made burritos. Yum.

Thursday: I went to the gym again and ate rice krispies and blueberries for breakfast, a yogurt for snack, salad, brie and crackers for lunch and a clementine for snack. Dinner was sweet potato and black been burritos and some fries. I did drink two glasses of wine and have some blue menu pretzels.

So that was my week so far.

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