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Monday, November 10, 2008

Weigh in (November 10, 2008) or, the proof is in the Halloween Candy



My first thought was to blame it on that time of the month. I have dismissed that notion though because quite obviously the crap I’ve been eating in the past few weeks is the real reason behind the gain.

I think it stands to remind me that I just need to be diligent. And that is a combination of working out and eating right. Also according to someone, I should eat more protein. Hmmm. I’m not hungry at all most times, but I get that that is a link between wanting sweet things and not enough protein. So I’ll put that notion to test this week.

It’s been a month and a week (though one week was spend abroad) for a net loss of 2.8lbs which is shy of my 5 lbs a month goal, but let’s reflect on the good:

1) Joined and have habitually gone to Curves
2) Purchased a treadmill and have used it, but need to use it more (and attempt to get the husband on it)
3) Am eating healthier (on the whole) and am enjoying great new recipes
4) Am still motivated to continue onward

So, not too bad for a month or so of change to lifestyle.

Hmm, change is quite the buzzword this later half of 2008, eh?

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