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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week 13!

Sunday: AMAZING solo 20k! Longest solo run ever and I did the last 14k at race pace, averaging 5:57/km despite a walk break at 10k for my one and only GU. This was a HARD run as at times the wind was gusting upwards of 35km/hr and it was the first real cold morning of the year. I had a very hard time around 17k and ended up cursing at myself (in my head) to keep running. Funny, when I motivate others its all, “You can do it! You’re amazing! Tall and smiling” When I motivate myself, I’m all, “F&$k YOU! Keep RUNNING and SUCK IT UP. DON’T even THINK about slowing down or quitting!!!” HA! 2:02:22

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Treadmill Tuesday! 6.44k at the gym in 40:00

Wednesday: Treadmill redux! 5k, 31:00

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Work remote day so I got out at lunch for 9.33k. My legs did NOT want to go, but the weather was beautiful and I kept the pace slow and easy. 59:00

Saturday: I realized that I hadn’t done short speedwork this week so I ran 5k with 1k warm up, 3k at descending tempo (5 seconds faster each k) and 1k cool down: 29:00

Total KM: 45.77, Total Time: 4:41:22, Average pace per KM: 0:06:09


  1. Nice week and KILLER long run. I think you can run the half a lot faster than you think you can...


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