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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week 14!

As the end gets closer and closer and November 6th gets closer and closer, I keep challenging myself to come up with a good reason not to attempt a crazy time at Hamilton. This week included a test of sorts.

Sunday: 22k. LONGEST RUN EVER! And I did this Thanksgiving bad boy solo. This was a great run - it was cool enough to be comfortable, but not too cold so that I needed gloves or a coat. It was a great morning and as I watched the sun rise over a farmers field, back lighting the lone trees I realized that I had so many things to be thankful for on this day, least of which was the ability to run 22k straight into the arms of my wonderful family. Happy Thanksgiving indeed. 2:19:35

Monday: Rest. Duh.

Tuesday: 6.44k. Treadmill run. I just put the speed up and ran for 4 miles. 40:05

Wednesday: 5k.Oh how I didn't want to go and run. I had all kinds or excuses ready, like the fact that my new shoes haven't come in yet. Or - I was wearing tights which suck to put back on just after a shower. But in the end I knew Jamie would be waiting for me and I sucked it up and ran fast just to get it in. 30:40

Friday: 18k. Telecommuting has its advantages, one of which is the ability to get an early morning, weekday long run in. I had to do this as we were away all weekend. I decided not to look at the pace at all and just run by feel. I was rewarded. 1:44:50

Saturday: Rest. And 50th wedding anniversary of my parents-in-law. With these two "smashers"

Another awesome (and confidence building) week!

Total KM: 51.44k. Total Time: 5:15:10. Average pace per KM: 0:06:08.
Congrats to everyone who ran at Scotia today!


  1. Nice job last week!

    I'm telling you, YOU CAN DO IT!

    Here are my thoughts on sub-2 at Hamilton. Start conservatively, even a few seconds slower than goal pace. LET IT GO on the downhill. You will fly down without any effort. It will trash your quads but you won't feel that til later. :) Do not put on the brakes on the hill, just coast down. You'll make up a lot of time.

    After the hill you hit the waterfront trail which is FLAT but might feel slightly uphill at first after the big descent. Just HOLD ON TIGHT. I think it's 5K or so? You should have a minute or more in the bank and you just have to hold that 5:40... think of it as a tempo run.

  2. Congrats, you are almost there...think Marlene's advice is bang on! Good luck!


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