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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mississauga Marathon Training Week 10!

Week 10!

Wow! How did we get here so quickly?


Monday: Rest!

Tuesday: 6k tempo After the Chilly Half Marathon race two days before, I figured I could take a tempo run off. I ended up getting this run done in town as I was home with my sick son, so once my husband got home from work, out I went. It was nice to just run easy and let the mind wander. I wore the Chilly jacket for the first time and I really liked it. 6.29k, 39:20

Wednesday: Thomas Street Hill repeats! I always try to make this sound like fun... but it really never is. What IS amazing is that both the marathon and the half marathon clinics are currently hill training so there are lots of people going up and down the hill to smile at or give high-fives to. Because I've been with the same running room for over a year now, I recognize pretty much everyone which is also nice. 7x500m repeats into the freaking wind! 10k, 1:03:17

Thursday: Clinic night. We spoke about goals and the best way to set them so that running continues to be fun. Then it was time for an easy run and it was. I ran along with four ladies chatting away as we reversed our normal route thorough my childhood town. Sometimes there is nothing better then just reversing a usual route. It felt new and thus shorter. HA HA. The wind was SUPER KRAZY though and of course we hit the worst of it right in the last 1.5k. It felt like we weren't running at all. 10k, 1:01:38

Friday: Rest

Saturday: I had been feeling gut rot since Friday and nothing I ate or drank was helping with it. I decided to head out for my run anyway as I figured I could always come home pretty quickly if I was feeling that badly. I ended up changing my route slightly, just to keep me interested and got through the prescribed 6k. 6.44k, 41:02

Sunday: EPIC DAY! It was the longest distance I had ever attempted: 29k! I had decided to join the clinic for this run, because who really wants to run 3+ hours alone? I was rewarded with great company and GLORIOUS weather, running with a lovely non-clinic lady named Val and Paul from our clinic. I was perfectly dressed in capris, long-sleeved shirt and vest and got through the run without ever being discouraged. The best part? We are doing it all over again this coming Sunday! 29.05k, 3:12:49

Total KM: 61.78, Total Time: 6:38:06, Average pace per KM: 0:06:27


  1. Nice week of training! Hope your son feeling better.

  2. Sounds like you are doing awesome in your training. I plan on joining a marathon clinic in june for my full, yes nobody wants to run alone for 3+ hours

  3. Looks like your training is going great ... keep it up.

  4. Great job on your training and your new distance PR! Do you run with a RR clinic that you signed up for or just the run club? These things never coordinate with my work schedule so I always run alone. It's boring! :o\

    May 6 is your first marathon and my first half! Good luck to both of us in Mississauga!


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