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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday

As always, this post is hosted by Jen at Peas and Crayons and again, it is;

I've documented the things I ate on Tuesday, March 20 (also know as my last day being 34):

Toast with organic crunchy peanut butter topped with banana. Did you know that I had NEVER had PB with banana until this year? True story. I love both and have no idea why it took me 34 years to combine them. I also had some OJ and Immunity drops.

Every day. As soon as I get to work.

This is a combo photo of my pre-run snack (yogurt and a few grapes) and my lunch, iceberg lettuce salad with carrots, cherry tomatoes and cucumber with a cheese string. I don't really care for cucumbers or cherry tomatoes but I don't HATE them either and they are cheap and easy to add to a salad. I finished the grapes as well.

My mid afternoon snack was some yummy Pop Chips (Salt and Vinegar) and chocolate milk. My grapefruit is still sitting on my desk, unloved. Oh well.

Dinner (made by my husband), was a super good chicken thigh, broccoli, onion and red pepper stir fry with long grain and wild rice (topped with sriracha sauce). My plates are really big, so trust me this is a good serving size.

I'm posting this at 20:06 on Tuesday evening, and according to My Fitness Pal, I have some calories left today so I may have another snack later. It won't be healthy. I'll either have a beer, chocolate pudding or popcorn.

Today (March 21) is my 35th birthday and I'm planning on hitting up Swiss Chalet for a chicken sandwich and their AMAZING dipping sauce with a caesar salad for lunch! YUM! I will eat dinner at my mum and dad's house before running hill repeats with the group later. I expect it to be a good day of birthday eats! My mum usually makes me a strawberry shortcake!

I hope you enjoyed a great day of eating! Do you have any special meals or treats that you eat on your birthday?


  1. 35 has been good to me so far, so I hope it treats you well. :)

    I use to travel to Mississauga for work back when I got paid for working. :) I also got to experience Swiss Chalet's too. I often got takeout from there and ate it at the hotel.

  2. Happy birthday!! I hope you got/get to enjoy some yummy birthday treats :D

    I think that if I had a choice between Pop Chips & a grapefruit, my gfruit would sit there ignored too ;) ESPECIALLY if they were salt n vinegar flavored hehe

  3. Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was a good one!

  4. Happy Birthday! I love pb & banana.....glad you finally tried it!

  5. Oooh, where do you get those single sized bags of Pop Chips? LOVE them.

    Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoyed your Swiss Chalet lunch!

  6. Happy birthday! You should try adding some honey to the PB and banana. It's one of my favorite combinations.

  7. Happy birthday! I hope you've had peanut butter and apple!

  8. i cannot believe you hadn't had pb and banana. it is asbsolutely hands down one of the best combinations in life. glad you finally tried!

  9. Thanks all! The Chalet Swiss was AMAZING of course and Mum did make me strawberry shortcake cupcakes!

    I have had PB with apple and I do love it as well. Also celery, back when I could stomach celery.

    As for honey - I don't like honey as a topping, so that will be a no-go.

  10. Hope you had a nice birthday! :)
    I love your breakfast! I think I'm going to have it tomorrow!


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