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Friday, March 2, 2012

February Recap!

Another strong month of training despite two low weeks due to our awesome TRIP

# of runs: 17 (I missed five due to vacation!)

Longest run: 26k on a great morning for running even if I started at 0606! I was able to meet my friend Kerry mid way through for about 8k which kept me going. This is my current distance record. The most I've run before this point was 22k.

Races: None

Total KM: 163.52 – 38.49k less than January, but I think that it is still a good amount of KMs considering my vacation.

Total time spent running: 16h54m50s

Average pace per KM: 0:06:12

This was another very strong month for me. I'm very happy that I didn't crash and burn with taking so many runs off mid-month and I'm ready to tackle March and the long distances it will bring with renewed enthusiasm.

I'm going to start March strong on Sunday when I run the Chilly Half Marathon in Burlington. Stay tuned for race goals.

How was your February?

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  1. Nice job in February, especially with a vacation. Congrats on the new long run milestone - many more to come!

    GL on Sunday!!


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